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Welcome to SIM

Santhigiri Institute of Management (SIM) is a B-school in Thodupuzha envisioned by the CMI Carmel Province, Muvattupuzha, to provide development oriented and value based higher education in the field of Business Administration.

Today Santhigiri Institute of Management is an innovative hub for the much - desired Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. It is a Rising Star in the horizon of quality education with the rich tradition of the CMI educational expertise. This is where the young minds of tomorrow will bloom with knowledge, skills and abilities to adapt to a dynamic business environment.

Master Of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) holds a master's degree in business administration (management). The MBA degree originated in the United States in the early 20th century when the country industrialized and companies sought scientific approaches to management. The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and operations in a manner most relevant to management analysis and strategy. Most programs also include elective courses.

The MBA is a terminal degree and a professional degree. Accreditation bodies specifically for MBA programs ensure consistency and quality of education. Business schools in many countries offer programs tailored to full-time, part-time, executive (abridged coursework typically occurring on nights and/or weekends), and distance learning students, many with concentrations.

In general, MBA programs are structured around core courses (a standard curriculum), which typically occur at the beginning of the MBA program, and elective courses that allow for a subject specialty or concentration. Thus, often in the program's first year, students acquire both a working knowledge of management functions and the analytical skills needed to practice them. After the first year, many full-time students seek internships. In the second year, students pursue elective courses, which often go towards a specialization.

The degree culminates with coursework in business strategy. A dissertation or major project is usually a degree requirement after the completion of coursework. Topics in business ethics may also be included. For Executive MBAs, the curriculum is generally similar. Many MBA programs end with a comprehensive exit examination. Programs are designed such that students gain exposure to theory and practice alike. Courses include lectures, case studies, and team projects; the mix though, will differ by school and by format. Theory is covered in the classroom setting by academic faculty, and is reinforced through the case method, placing the student in the role of the decision maker.